Travis Baka is a recent graduate of the University of Missouri. He lives in Columbia MO, where he writes poetry and essays. Travis plays in a punk band called Ski Mask. He can be contacted by seance and facebook.

Rosemary Brusnahan is an attempted escapee of all the rules that make us miserable. She is, inevitably, sometimes miserable and copes with words (which we all know is her make-believing she has babies). She likes cello and critical theory and other things at which she used to be better.

Paul Hanson Clark is a poet who lives in Nebraska. He's involved with SP CE Commons.

Aiki Coxhead lives the landlocked Midwest despite her tidal tendencies. She has been published in Electric CerealOn MetatronPurple Pig LitFondle Magazine, and co-edits a lit zine called Toothtaker. Find her on twitter or reading poems off her phone screen at bar close.

Blair Emsick is a writer/cashier living in a mealy wormhole called Omaha. She is on an interminable quest to find salvation through her words and those of others.

Lindsay Erin is an artist in many forms, all of them appearing to be rather short in height.  She currently resides in North Carolina and attends the University of North Carolina at Asheville.  Lindsay has previously been published in Electric CerealLockjaw Magazine, and has competed in the Pangaea Poetry Slam.  Sometimes she gets anxiety in airports.  You can follow her on Twitter @thisisntlindsay.

June Gehringer studies critical theory and creative writing at Loyola University New Orleans, where she also coordinates the 1718 Reading Series. Her work can be found in ashtrays all across the USA.

Eli Hogan is a Georgian aspiring writer. His pieces have been published in The Sentinel and the Atlanta Journal Constitution. In his time not spent writing, he studies at Kennesaw State University.

Graham Irvin has two Bachelor of Arts degrees from North Carolina State University, in Anthropology and English, and has worked as a projectionist, a lifeguard, and a book binder. He has published poetry in multiple journals, a short story in Shaqzine, and conducted the Spring 2015 feature interview of Main Street Rag Literary Magazine. He is currently enrolled in the poetry MFA program at University of North Carolina Wilmington.

Ariana Kara is an 18 year old Greek-Indian-Canadian writer living in Vancouver BC. She is powerful and will protect you. Since tweets don't count this is her first published piece of work.

Seda Makarova is a part time alien from Neptune, part time Earthly being. When roaming the Earth, she resides in England, Florida and her head. Her time drifting through the Universe has been spent petting many animals, and loving many Souls: including yours.

Nathan Masserang lives in Chicago. His writing is peppered about the internet. He is usually sad, but that's okay. He tweets at @rapgamenathan

Jessica Millnitz is from Nebraska. She has an MFA from Bard College and her writing has appeared inRealPoetikFruita Pulp and with Kyle Crawford and Jeff Alessandrelli in the chapbook American Room Weather(SP_CE, 2013). She lives in Manhattan.

Larry Narron is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley. His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming inPhoebeEleven ElevenWhiskey IslandMidway JournalPermafrostOwen Wister ReviewThe Boiler, and other journals. He will soon be teaching his first class at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon, where he recently received an MFA in poetry.

Suzanne Pearman is a Chicago-based writer and graduate student whose work has been featured in Voicemail PoemsInternet PoetryBlack Heart Magazine, and elsewhere. As a screenwriter, her work has also appeared in film festivals and on broadcast TV. Suzanne is constantly devising new ways to mortify herself on the internet, most notably on Twitter (@sunshineonvenus) and in her 2013 e-book 98% Enemy.

Rat💀 is a collaboration between thalia rodgers and paul hanson clark.

Polina Volochay lives in London. She is an aspiring ball of mist and mortar and a passive human being.

Ameen Wahba plays music as little ripple & tweets @ameenwahba