harden of a soft part

by Aiki Coxhead

my dentist scolds me for biting my tongue but my
    boyfriends all liked it
my dentist says she can really tell how I've quit smoking
    and I haven't quit smoking
    but I can't correct her with her    
    hands in my mouth
        (my boyfriends liked that too
        their hands in my mouth)
I maintain steady eye contact while she
        squirts and prods and I
    twirl my tongue around her finger on purpose
its erotic I think probably maybe but I don't think she notices
    I mean I'm not eroticizing my dentist
        I mean I am its just
    that I haven't kissed a person I don't hate
recently and maybe my mouth misses being busy and
I like the feeling of the cold
    steel on the top of my tongue and someone
        telling me not to squirm
        my boyfriends liked that too, forcing me to stay still
something to be said about a sharp thing in a
    soft part I used to make love
    with this mouth
    it used to make him weep but now
I just get scolded for not flossing enough
    and nobody weeps
but me
    my boyfriends liked that too

Aiki Coxhead lives the landlocked Midwest despite her tidal tendencies. She has been published in Electric Cereal, On Metatron, Purple Pig Lit, Fondle Magazine, and co-edits a lit zine called Toothtaker. Find her on twitter or reading poems off her phone screen at bar close.