end yr belly

by Paul Hanson Clark

coming down off molly in the windy city, i'm in austin's room, which used to be rachel's room, which at some point in my life i wanted badly to visit
my advice is: never give or take advice, never take drugs, never give up, always cry real tears
but i did shrooms on halloween & started feeling very uncomfortable at rachael's house
wasn't wearing pants but was wearing two pairs of red colored women's underwear
what kind of father will i be?, i wondered, nearly crying
wal-mart feels more sinister now than ever before
taylor swift's song about haters is playing
i don't want you to forget how much i love being drunk
in another life i might've been coked out or spun on meth
in kill the messenger the wife tells gary she wishes she could know what his brain feels like
he says "really?" she laughs and says "no"
imagine an empire state building filled w human blood
i eat a lot, & my parents, aunts, uncles, etc are obese
according to my iphone, i fucking hate cops
why did the chicken cross the road? don't worry be happy
fear is an unfuckwithable disease
some pop song above me saying  "i feel so dangerous"
i hate hearing all these dumb enhancements
it's silly to try to outlive the sun / the zoo is a metric ton of antifun
soccer is becoming more popular because of sophisticated mind control techniques
my mom used to be a baby but she quickly transformed
mountain dew is some weird sludge i've guzzled so much of
can't wait for a drug whose street name is zombie
knock knock. whose there? ebola. ebola who? ebola is a biochemical weapon engineered by the us gov and administered by the american red cross
my parents say they've been on a cruise ship but i've never seen them
freedom is a lie
i wanna be rich and famous and give all my $$$ away
sad bedroom music
when it rains fewer things die of thirst
when i eat shrooms my feet get cold but i feel like i understand the world better
i thought abt emily dickinson, writing alone
i told val the court jester is funny because the court jester doesn't follow the rules of how we're supposed to communicate
killer mike said our world is a war machine that uses youth as a battery
greg kuzma wrote a 10 page poem called MONEY
on tinder i just liked someone in a wheelchar
#bravenewwolrd #fuckedupacidrenaissance
my grandma is missing a tooth
i keep imaginigng people in mccook saying mike brown deserved to die
i'm wearing a jacket randalyn bought for me, kaitlin is wearing perfume randalyn picked out
i bought randalyn a promise ring once and she didn't like it so she threw it in the trash
i see her on facebook, her friend kelsey is married, her sister has like 4 kids
i saw this weird porn vid w these two women who dressed 'like muslims' wearing articles of clothing that covered their heads surrounded their faces while they did sex shit to some bro
camus supported fucked up french presence in algeria
some guy who gets high and DMs me on twitter DMed "yr hot"
my dick only kinda worked on ecstasy last time it kept falling out while we fucked i should've only ate 1 pill
i talk to people abt being sober like what i say is valuable, and maybe it is, but i feel like a fuckin phony but also like a truth telling shaman man
can i say i'm a shaman and not be a racist pig?
the shadow is more compeling than the figure
our tax dollars go to building bombs, bullets... killer bs
i fear dirty dishes is killing me, i wanna feel like pure sex, not old bread
just muttered "fuck" i gotta piss, should i piss outside? i just pissed outside
pretty baller "aside" i must say
i'm better than shakespeare, better than the bible
art genius party times here to stay
like an unweird warhol printing $$$
wann be a movie star
edie sedgwick shoulda bumped into me
i woulda been her friend
i'm saying i'm the dalai llama
i'm the buddha
i'm the beautiful perfect angel
every1 wants a leader who says "rape & kill" but makes u feel like that's what god says u should do
fuck leaders
fuck the monarchy
fuck clintons bushes kennedys roosevelts rockefellers on down the line
i'm coughing my guts out but my brain always being interrupted by power

Paul Hanson Clark is a poet who lives in Nebraska. He's involved with SP CE Commons.