by Lindsay Erin

Dillion thinks that I'm too fat
for the t-shirt I just bought with my allowance
(size small)
and he secretly makes fun of the way my tummy pokes
out from the hem
the way the fabric stretches from the jiggly mass on my arm
so to make him happy I sliced
a thin layer of fat off
my abdomen with a smooth clean kitchen knife
every day and
let the scabs crust over and then
repeated this process
day after day
until my body was
rock hard scar tissue
mocking abs
and it's so hideous to look at
every morning when I wake up
(before I skip breakfast and after I weigh myself again)
but it's alright now because
at least I look pretty
with my t shirt on

Lindsay Erin is an artist in many forms, all of them appearing to be rather short in height.  She currently resides in North Carolina and attends the University of North Carolina at Asheville.  Lindsay has previously been published in Electric CerealLockjaw Magazine, and has competed in the Pangaea Poetry Slam.  Sometimes she gets anxiety in airports.  You can follow her on Twitter @thisisntlindsay.