astral projection

by Suzanne Pearman

i was frozen
i saw us moving in stop motion
i watched the ceiling
i tried my best to not have feelings
in my head i made my life a sitcom

and i said

"thank god for astral projection"
our bodies intersected and i
flew away
cue the laugh track
and everyone was smiling


i was reformed
i sat and watched us like a porn
i didn't like it
both of us were much too quiet
and your face cast a shadow over mine

roll the credits
i just want this to end
i wish i could defend myself
i wish that i could mend myself
i wish i could be the friend i'm gonna need

and i wonder
as the critics shake their heads
do all survivors envy the dead?

well, i can tell you that i do

Suzanne Pearman is a Chicago-based writer and graduate student whose work has been featured in Voicemail Poems, Internet Poetry, Black Heart Magazine, and elsewhere. As a screenwriter, her work has also appeared in film festivals and on broadcast TV. Suzanne is constantly devising new ways to mortify herself on the internet, most notably on Twitter (@sunshineonvenus) and in her 2013 e-book 98% Enemy.