Vol. 2 | Masthead

Adventures in Notebooks | Blair Emsick

The After After | Ariana Kara

Apparition | Larry Narron

astral projection | Suzanne Pearman

Best | Nathan Masserang

Blue Teeth | Jessica Millnitz

Casual Polemic | Rosemary Brusnahan

Diet | Lindsay Erin

Dish Pit Poems | Travis Baka

end yr belly | Paul Hanson Clark

eyes of a predator bird on the back of a butterfly's wings, there's a god | Ameen Wahba

foaming at the mouth of the last tributary | Ameen Wahba

Golden Mountain | June Gehringer

Haiku Over the Sink | Seda Makarova

harden of a soft part | Aiki Coxhead

i was 'shitty' but ever-so redeemable for whatever reason as to do a wrong and her eyes would smile | Ameen Wahba

the initial pleasure of getting vaginally impaled at the stake | Malvin Klevmarken

July | Eli Hogan

Kiddie Pool | Lindsay Erin

morgellons | Malvin Klevmarken

NOTE | Jessica Millnitz

Several Moviemints | Rosemary Brusnahan

The Strength of Flesh | Graham Irvin

t e e t h | Polina Volochay

Tornado | Rat💀