What You've Got Here

by David Tysdal

The watermelon was in my spot when I went to sit down
I shouldn't have been surprised
It had been idly moping around for days upon days at this point
Merely shuffled from place to place
In an almost earnest attempt to dutifully acknowledge its existence

I've decided to turn this watermelon into a pumpkin
Purely aesthetic changes to begin with
Plaster it with orange add some lines and maybe a little brown handle up top
Then hopefully the inner pumpkin will start to work it's way outward
Hopefully it will start to express what is now its true pumpkin nature
I'm sure science has done things like this before
But its expensive rather hard to replicate
Sad how pumpkinology is a dying field

David Tysdal is a Nebraskan born in Spain and raised in Virginia. He feels most at home while riding a bicycle and needs to buy a helmet. He loves his friends and his cats.