For Atlantic

by Rachael Wolfe

Smells like

Fruit Sorry
for saying I'd

suck it off
your dick

Sorry further
Just being a waste

of your taxable
dollars We ate

crab cakes
by the sea

One time A whole pink
bottle of wine

Let's go to Texas
Stay up

all night drinking
I'll take each

do-over Every
bouquet My

sadness feels like
an ocean, covering

landmasses, me
Each time

I go to the sea,
they pull out

food My mom peed
next to me

Underwater And
I get it, why

my dad doesn't
tell her things He's

never had


Rachael Wolfe earned a BA in English and Gender studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She helps to run SP CE Commons, a poetry studio and community space located near downtown Lincoln. She has been published in Handsome and Bone Bouquet. Her chapbook, Sauce, was released in Fall 2012.