ephemeral sinkhole

by Ameen Wahba

I lack the needed focus to comprehend text while i say i'm reading a book about existentialism as my mom who offers me a cigarette
reads her book too
her boyfriend. standing over a lake. tries to catch a fish, using chicken he had grilled the night before as bait
two obese women are sitting in collapsible chairs and are singing a song on the radio
emanating from the parked truck vibrating beside them
the back of my shirt sticks to my skin as i get up from the brush
stuck by sweat and pressure of myself
do i stay in the shaded shelter
or see the water shine in the sunlight?

Ameen Wahba (b.1996) grew up on a farm. He currently plays bass in bands and and goes to school in Omaha, Nebraska. His Twitter handle is @ameenwahba.